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Singled out!

Lagenweine 2012


For a time we were not quite sure whether any vintage to come will measure up to the super-opulent 2011.
It is totally normal that producers experience differences in vintages, particularly  in a region influenced by the Pannonian continental climate.

Putting it simply: the 2012 vintage did not spend so much time in the „muscle factory“ but went in for multi-layered „Damascene“ finesse.

In other words: 2011 came up with ripeness parameter at the upper end. 2012 was more moderate, however a vegetation period of at least equal length resulted in a beautiful fruit intensity. Considered from a present-day perspective the two vintages share much more common than seperating features:

  • High and highest ripeness of the grapes  and practically no need for manual selection.
  • Optimum requirements for maturation as endowed with loam-generated coolness.
  • Clear differentiability between massive chalk occurrence (Oberer Wald) and chalk-free soils (Plachen).
  • Both couples appreciate patience and the use of a decanter when „consumed“.

All of the wines may be proudly considered as flagship of Rust and bear national as well as international comparison.

In 2011 analysis figures were completely ident ical. 2012 shows slight differences:
Plachen: 14% vol.alc., 5,4 g/l acidity
Oberer Wald: 14,5%, 5,9 g/l acidity

PS: : Two days ago Oberer Wald and Plachen 2011 have been nominated for the Falstaff Red Wine Gala in the Viennese Hofburg on November, 26. Third in the alliance is our Blaufränkisch Reserve 2012.

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