Press releases

2013-01 Successful squares at the winery of Günter & Regina Triebaumer – label relaunch
2012-11 Muscato – the white crest on the sea of Muscat sparkling wines
2010-10 A really old love
2010-08 Weite Welt – Oh Baby, Baby, It´s A Wide World
2010-06 TRIE … and we haven´t even reached the first hump yet
2010-05 The nature of Furmint
2010-04 Blaufränkisch — Story of an export success
2010-03 The many faces of Muscat from Rust
2009-05 Rust Core Expertise
2008-09 Winery Günter & Regina Triebaumer
2007-03 Geistreich – the ultimative chocolate wine (PDF)
2006-09 Blaufränkisch from Rust (PDF)
2006-06 Legends and history: Furmint from Rust (PDF)
2005-05 The new TRIE – A brand wine with sense? (PDF)
2004-05 Merlot – somewaht different? (PDF)
2003-11 Our Muscato ist launched! (PDF)
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