Wine growing

Our vineyards are easily to discern: A compact leave area and a well ventilated grape zone. In winter and spring you will recognise our vineyards by their short pruned vines.

In dependence of the growing power of the individual grape cluster, we decide about a reasonable number of grapes to be left at the vine. These measures reveal best, whether the vintner lives in close touch with nature or not. We take great effort to understand our soils and thus renounce of pesticides and unnecessary “cosmetic” soil management.

During blossoming in May/June we keep the weeds very short; afterwards we don’t mind one or the other weed as protection against erosion. We practice conventional plant protection, however as gentle as possible. From the early 70ies onwards we renounced of mineral fertilizers. Instead we incorporate all residuals from foliage treatment, pruning, grape processing, fermentation and filtration into our “happy” vineyards.

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