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Learn more about the origin of out single-vineyard wines Geyerumriss, Gillesberg, Plachen and Oberer Wald.


Direction East
soil type Slate weathered soils
area year of planting 0,53ha - 1987
Characteristics Chalk-free soils, promoting grape ripening for succulent, juicy white wines


Direction North-northeast
soil type Pure slate weathered soils
area year of planting 1,23ha - 2008
Characteristics Rust’s most elevated vineyard featuring a surveying stone dating back to Empress Maria Theresia


Direction East
soil type Loam above silicate weathered material free of chalk
area year of planting 0,7 ha 1984
Characteristics The only chalk-free soil compatible with Blaufränkisch

Oberer Wald

Direction South
soil type Much chalk below loam
area year of planting 1,7ha 2005/2006
Characteristics Eextremely hot, scarce site yet cool appearance

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